Best wishes for 2010!

30 12 2009

I wish you all the best for the new year!

And who knows, maybe 2010 will see a Nostalgia corner update… Let’s cross our fingers… ūüėČ


The period VW Gassers on YouTube…

22 11 2009

I‘m getting old now, and I sometimes remember 10+ years¬† ago when I began working on the now famous ūüėČ Nostalgia website (Yes, I know I need to post updates more often…), I would have spent nights on the Internet looking for that never seen before period picture of the Inch Pincher or the Dynosoar gassers. The web was not the never ending source of informations it is today. Some guys were already trying to compile facts and pictures but if you were looking for specific pictures, it was harder.

Time flies and things have changed a big way… Old VW racing pictures are now everywhere. Sure, forums and old guys now exchanging on the web helped.

But, these days, you can even find awesome material on video… I believe the quest is a never ending one…Of course, the famous EMPI Inch Pincher is most likely the one you will find. Two videos are now well known, the second one being outstanding to say the least, in particular because of the EMPI single cab push bus : (at 4:20) : Thanks Guillaume for the link. : Thanks Hervee for the link.

But I found another very interesting 8mm video on Youtube filmed in 1977 by Hugh Greeson¬†:¬†! The scene took place at an old Georgia track, called “Drag City”. Have a look at¬†0:54 minutes and look closely. Is it a Mc Garity bug or what??? That name sounds familiar? Sure it is. I never seen that bug on picture before. But, you remember the Race Shop Ghia that now resides in Scotland. Ever seen a Mc Garity paint on it? Of course yes. Look at the section I compiled in… 2003… : .¬†That’s the same paintscheme! Very interesting. Now, I have no idea who Mc Garity was, or who owned that bug racer. Can someone help? I heard John PRESTON was still around…

And don’t forget : Have fun looking for VW Gassers on period movies on Youtube. You never know what you will find in between 2 american funny cars.

EBI #3 pictures are online!

11 11 2009

At least, I found some time to upload my EBI#3 pictures on my FlickR account! I decided to upload only the best and most representative ones for your viewing pleasure, of course! Hey, better late than never right?

Enjoy as much as I did attending that AWESOME show last summer! Can’t wait for 2011 edition! Promise to be something special after that 2010 break!


The Mach 1 : Another very special bug!

8 11 2009

As stated here before, Hessich meeting was very special and saw many one-of-a-kind VW cars attending. Geoffroy LHOEST Mach 1 was one of those! If you read this, I’m sure that you already know that special edition bugs are rarer than ever. Belgian D’ieteren Mach 1 bugs are no exception. Only 2 original ones are supposed to be in existence today : Mike’s faded red one, and Geoffroy java green.

So when Geo showed up at Hessisch, my heart immediately went “boom”… This car is AWESOME in every corner! Its was the first time out, and being the first long travel,¬†a little engine issue appeared for Geo that found, after many bla-bla-bla-bla with Hessisch residents, a faulty fuel pump… Too bad…¬†

Pictures of this “one of a kind” bug on the trailer sure is a rare sight… Fortunately, the car is now back in Belgium in his confortable home!

Want to read more about Mach1 bugs : Have a look at Mike’s blog :¬†, and don’t forget to check Geo own blog at :


The GTV first (and last?) run ever (?)…

10 10 2009

Making a pass on the dragstrip with the GTV was not expected at all when goin’ to last EBI… So when Kobus came and said he wanted to see some GTV action on the strip, I have to confess I felt a little apprehensive, knowing my 2nd gear syncro was very tired… But, who cares, let’s go go go go…

It was such an experience to come side by side with Tim yellow 1302 GTV on the now world famous Chimay dragstrip! But being the rookie that I am with so much horsepower under rear decklid (1500cc… Lol), I missed badly the second gear thanks to my poor syncros… Time for a gearbox upgrade in the near future, and before the next run for sure…

Well, this pass was a good opportunity to try the dragstrip experience (something I had never experienced before…), and it was very cool to see those GTVs bugs on the track, just like back in the days!

But, I’m not sure that its was the first dragstrip experience for my GTV! Yes, the bug may have made one passe sometime in its life. From what Larry McKenzie told me a while back, its supposed to have a prep gearbox and had some 48IDA under the decklid at a time (cut outs in the engine compartment are still there…).


The first GTV display!

8 10 2009

Last EBI was a good opportunity to try to gather at one place as many GTVs bugs as possible. And this was a success if you ask me : 4 GTV were there for a very cool display and a first time in Europe : two cars came from France, one from England and another one from Luxembourg!

THANKS for coming guys! The japanese boys and Hot VWs Deano were impressed from what they told me! Cool! I made very cool pictures, and met very cool guys by the way. We made some plans regarding the future of our common & particular interest : the EMPI GTV stuff !

Would be great if more GTVs join us next time… Watch this Space…


The GTV on the move…

30 07 2009

… to a friendly &¬†cool local meeting held every 2 years in Troyes…

A rare (…)¬†picture took by my friend Mike W. while driving the Auto-Haus bus to the show! We sure had great times last week end!

Notice the smiling face of my lil’ boy Antoine behind the quarter window. He¬†enjoyed the trip to the max!

Love that picture!